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Every business is different, and comes with its own unique set of risks. Fortunately, Attune Legal’s Commercial Lawyers have the experience to help limit yours. We provide strategy, advice and documentation that limits risk and improves efficiency for a variety of industries.

We are business people ourselves, and understand that when it comes to business – all legal advice affects the bottom line. We have helped energy companies operate in compliant ways; innovators commercialise their new inventions; consultants and sole-traders structure their business; health and wellbeing service providers limit their risk, and hundreds of businesses document their commercial relationships.

Time spent dealing with disputes, queries or renegotiating incomplete agreements is time that you are not adding value to your business. We help streamline business processes by providing tailored documents designed to improve overall efficiency while keeping you protected.

Practice Areas


  • terms of trade
  • client services agreements
  • contractor agreements
  • employment agreements
  • loans
  • capital raising
  • privacy law
  • compliance.


  • terms of service:
    • mobile applications
    • SaaS
    • eCommerce
    • web services
  • data storage
  • privacy
  • App Store compliance

Intellectual Property

  • commercialisation of intellectual property
  • licensing and assignment
  • copyright
  • trade marks
  • moral rights
  • web domains


  • National Energy Market (NEM) consulting
  • Power purchase agreement negotiation
  • Customer documentation 
  • Internal legal documentation management
  • Service agreements with software suppliers
  • Channel partner, consultant, and broker negotiations

Technology Law Specialists

Attune Legal has years of experience servicing technology companies, start-ups, universities and research institutions. We help build business structures around innovations that allow our clients to creatively leverage the key assets at the heart of their business, and continue to develop valuable innovations.

No matter what field you operate in, we can provide advice and legal services to help your business comply and thrive not just in the technological landscape of today, but in the one you will be operating in tomorrow.

Automated Contracts

Attune Legal can go the extra step by automating any contract you intended to use repeatedly. Agreements with customers, clients, suppliers, referral partners and more, can all be automatically generated using a simple form. 

Save time looking for the parts of a document you want to update for each new party you do business with. We will identify the variables that change, create a coded version of the document then give you a link to a form that you can use again and again. No messing around.

Ask us about this service during a consultation.

Our Principal

Yule Guttenbeil

Yule has been working with businesses large and small for 15 years. Most of that time has been at the forefront of emerging technologies in fields as diverse as bio-technology and digital innovation. In addition to managing intellectual property matters for enterprise clients, Yule is deeply involved in the operational and internal documentation of SMEs. 

In recent years Yule has also assisted a number of businesses in the energy industry deal with a wide variety of commercial and compliance matters.

Not happy to just sit back and watch, Yule has also project managed the development of legal technology, and assists other law firms to become more efficient through our sister business Libris.

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Attune Legal is based in Melbourne, Australia – but of no fixed abode. Consultations are conducted by telephone or video conference.

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