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It’s all in the NEM.

Attune Legal is proud to assist energy retailers and consultants operating across the National Energy Market (NEM) to achieve their commercial goals within tight regulatory frameworks.

As experienced commercial lawyers by trade, we offer expert legal solutions that embrace #newlaw values, either complementing our clients’ businesses on a retainer basis or through project-based and ad-hoc advice and services.


We collaborate with wholesale energy traders and assist in negotiating power purchase agreements, including fixed-forward contracts on ISDA documentation.


In addition to providing compliance advice, our team has made successful submissions to regulators recommending changes to regulatory requirements for our clients.

Project management

Our expert of team of lawyers can manage the overhaul and adoption of your customer documentation including:
  • Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Explicit Informed Consent (EIC) Scripts
  • Basic Plan Information Document (BPID) and Energy Fact Sheets (EFS)
  • Welcome Packs/ Disclosure Statements

Sales development

Attune Legal helps you balance risk and efficiency, by guiding the development and optimising of your customer sales and billing software together with your sales department – all while ensuring legal compliance. 

We work closely with compliance managers and stakeholders in all corners of your business, including external consultants.

Internal documentation

We take care of your business’ internal legal documentation. Whether it’s negotiating and drafting service agreements with software suppliers, or working with channel partners, consultants and brokers. 

Attune Legal support you to grow your business without negatively impacting the bottom line.

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Attune Legal gets your business humming.

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